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Thursday, 31 January 2013

micromax 110


The Phone That Can

The world is indeed a small place. But, it sure won't feel like that on the new Micromax Canvas 2 with FWVGA screen! View all your entertainment on a rich 16.8 million color, 12.5CM (5") IPS screen. Power all your applications with its dual core processor that delivers visually stunning graphics.

  • Micromax
  • Micromax
  • Micromax
  • Micromax

The phone that can

Discover life like clarity on a 12.5 cm multi-touch screen with a 16.8 million color display! With a super sleek design, the screen colors your world with its vibrant picture that adds a whole new dimension of visual appeal to your Micromax A110! Explore amazingly rich visual clarity with the FWVGA IPS LCD screen on a 480x854 pixel resolution

Can kill you

Get blazing fast application performance with the 1GHZ processor in the A110! Enjoy seamless multi-tasking and an immersive gaming experience that’s even more exciting with the superior graphics on the A110.

Can make ugly look lovely

Capture all your favorite moments in High definition with the 8 megapixel CMOS camera built into the A110. Zoom into every moment with its 4x zoom factor and shoot images at night, easily with the night mode of the camera. Record videos and also voice chat with your friends/family through its 0.3 mp front facing camera.

Android 4.0.4 Ice cream sandwich

Get the next generation Android platform with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that brings alive your entertainment with its rich multimedia technology. Get a streamlined user interface that is easy to navigate along with a faster, more intuitive text input. Save battery with an enhanced application and power management. Download all your favorite applications with the preinstalled Google play store!

Dual Sim - Both your worlds, in the palm of your hands!

Balance your work and play easily with the Dual SIM functionality in the A110. Carry both your worlds in the palm of your hand and get double the convenience. Stay connected always and anywhere with the Micromax A110!


Connect to your world, anytime anywhere with the endless connectivity options on the A110. Get lightning fast connectivity with the 3G capability of A110 and transfer files easily with its USB 2.0. Share files with friends or talk handsfree, all through its Bluetooth connectivity. Surf the web faster through its Wi-Fi connect that lets you connect to any router or use the simple WAP browser to surf the internet on the move!

Pre-Loaded Apps

Get pre-loaded apps free with the Micromax A110. Customise your phone with wallpapers, ringtones and more through its MiStore app! Find your friends easily with MiBuddy & chat on the go!

Long Lasting Battery Backup

Keep all the action going with the 2000 Mah Lithium-ion marathon battery that gives you a massive 5 hour talk time along with 180 hours of standby time! Make every moment entertaining with a power backup that lasts you longer than ever. Watch all your favorite videos, listen to your favorite music & keep your entertainment going with the marathon battery.
© 2012 Micromax. All rights reserved
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Nokia LUMIA 920@!11111

The world’s most innovative smartphone

  • The most innovative Lumia

    With Carl Zeiss lens, PureView technology with Optical Image Stablisation, and a 4.5’’ PureMotion HD+ display. This is Lumia.
  • Wireless Charging

    Best of all, it comes with wireless charging and a whole range of Qi-compatible chargers to choose from.

Latest offers in India

PureView. Take blur-free photos every time.

PureView technology with Carl Zeiss lens captures blur-free videos even if the camera's shaking or in low light. Thanks to its Optical Image Stabilisation.

PureMotion HD+ display. The best touchscreen ever seen on a smartphone.

The PureMotion HD+ display is the world’s brightest, fastest and most sensitive touchscreen: enough to make every colour clear and sensitive enough to respond to your fingertips, even when they are covered up.

Nokia City Lens. Discover the city around you.

With City Lens you can discover all your city has to offer by looking at your camera's viewfinder.

Office. Break out of the office.

Our new Lumia family comes with full versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook. Create and edit PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents with ease wherever you are with seamless sync.
Nokia Lumia 920 SkyDrive

Nokia Music. Stream music for free.

With Nokia Music you can stream unlimited music for free. Tap into the latest tracks. Create your own channels. Put on your headphones and play. (Your service provider may charge for data transmission.)


  • Display

    • Display size: 4.5 ''
    • Display technology: PureMotion HD+ 
  • Photography

    • Primary camera sensor size: 8.7 megapixels
    • Camera: Nokia PureView 
  • Power Management

    • Maximum 2G talk time: 18.6 h
    • Maximum 3G talk time: 10.8 h
    • Maximum 3G standby time: 460 h
    • Music playback time: 74 h
  • Processor

    • Processor name: Snapdragon™ S4 
    • Processor type: Dual-core 1.5GHz

  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 920 130.3mm

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

i pad mini

I bet the iPad mini is going to be on a lot of wish lists this holiday season. I also bet that for a lot of people, it's not going to be the best choice. It's beautiful and light, but Apple made a big compromise in the design, one that means that buyers should look closely at the competition before deciding.Starting at $329, the iPad mini is the cheapest iPad. The screen is a third smaller than the regular iPads, and it sits in an exquisitely machined aluminum body. It weighs just 11 ounces half as much as a full-size iPad making it easier to hold in one hand. It's just under 8 inches long and less than a third of an inch thick, so it fits easily into a handbag.
The issue is the screen quality. Apple has been on the forefront of a move toward sharper, more colorful screens. It calls them "Retina" displays because the pixels the little light-emitting squares that make up the screen are so small that they blend together almost seamlessly in our eyes, removing the impression that we're watching a grid of discrete elements.
The iPad mini doesn't have a Retina screen. By the standards of last year, it's a good screen, with the same number of pixels as the first iPad and the iPad 2. The latest full-size iPad has four times as many pixels, and it really shows. By comparison, the iPad mini's screen looks coarse. It looks dull, too, because it doesn't have the same color-boosting technology that the full-size model has.
This is not an entirely fair comparison, as the full-size iPad starts at $499 and weighs twice as much. The real issue is that this year, there are other tablets that are cheaper than the iPad mini, weigh only slightly more and still have better screens. Inc.'s Kindle Fire HD costs $199 and has about the same overall size as the mini. While the Kindle's screen is somewhat smaller (leaving a bigger frame around the edges), it is also sharper, with 30 percent more pixels than the mini. Colors are slightly brighter, too.
Barnes & Noble Inc.'s Nook HD costs $229 and has a screen that's even sharper than the Kindle HD's. It's got 65 percent more pixels than the iPad mini.
Why do tablets from two companies chiefly known as book stores beat Apple's latest for screen quality?
Sharper screens are darker, requiring a more powerful backlight to appear bright. That, in turn, would have forced an increase in the battery size. That's the reason the first iPad with a Retina display was thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. So to keep the iPad mini thin while matching the 10-hour battery life of the bigger iPads, Apple had to compromise on the display.
This can't last, though. By next year, it will likely be even more obvious that Apple is seriously behind in screen quality on its small tablet, and it will have to upgrade to a Retina display somehow. That means this first-generation iPad mini will look old pretty fast.
The display causes a few other problems, too. One is that when you run iPhone apps on the mini, it uses the coarsest version of the graphics for that app - the version designed for iPhones up to the 2009 model, the 3GS. You can blow the app up to fill more of the screen, but it looks pretty ugly. The full-size iPad uses the higher-quality Retina graphics when running iPhone apps, and it looks much better.
Some apps adapted for the iPad screen don't display that well on the mini screen, either, because of the smaller size. Buttons can be too small to hit accurately, bringing to mind Steve Jobs' 2010 comments about smaller tablets. The late Apple founder was of the vociferous opinion that the regular iPad was the smallest size that was also friendly to use.
In some apps, text on the mini is too small to be comfortably read - the section fronts in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal apps are examples of this.
Of course, in some other respects, the iPad mini outdoes the Fire and the Nook, so it isn't just the tablet for the buyer who needs the prettiest and the thinnest. In particular, the Mini is a $329 entry ticket to the wonderful world of iPad and iPhone apps. For quality and quantity, it beats all the other app stores. (Oddly, there's an inverse relationship between screen quality and app availability in this category the Nook HD has the best screen and the fewest apps, while the second-best Kindle Fire HD has middling access to apps.)
The Mini also has front- and back-facing cameras, for taking still photos and video and for videoconferencing. The Kindle Fire HD only has a front-facing camera for videoconferencing. The Nook HD doesn't have a camera at all.
In short, the iPad Mini is more versatile than the competition, and I'm sure it will please a lot of people. But take a look at the competition first, and figure that by next year, we'll see something from Apple that looks a lot better.
About the iPad Mini
The base model of the iPad mini costs $329 and comes with 16 gigabytes of storage. A 32 GB model goes for $429 and 64 GB for $529. Soon, you'll be able to get versions that can connect through cellular networks, not just Wi-Fi. Add $130 to the price.


Beats With Sense 4.0 Custom Rom for Galaxy Y GT-S5360.This custom Rom is looks of HTC on your Galaxy Y. This custom Rom is shared on XDA by senior member yash989 so first thanks to him.
ScreenShots :

Features :
  • Beats Audio mod 
  • Cool Modded Music player 
  • Htc Sense 4.0 launcher
  • Stock Samsung keyboard
  • Htc Sense 3.0 lockscreen - mod
  • Htc Sense 4.0 Clock Widget
  • HTC Camera Mod
  • Ported Beats audio Bootanimation
  • Ported Smooth Sense theme
  • Based latest firmware 2.3.6
  • all icons now from sense 4.0
  • Modded MMS.apk Skins etc
  • Modded Samsung keypad
  • Sense 4.0 wallpapers
  • Extended Power menu
  • 14 toggles
  • Custom settings
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Scrolling Responsiveness

--Graphics Enhancement
--Power Saving Tweaks
--Overall Performance Tweaks
--And more
  • Very smooth and lightening fast
  • all bugs fixed from v3(HONEYCOMB XPERIENCE)
  • revamped new ui
  • Dialer modded
  • phone modded
  • new popups
  • mms with skins + more mods
  • HTC sense Font
  • HTC sense Anims
  • Many Many XML mods
  • HalfPorted sense Framework to this

This Custom Rom is only meant for Samsung galaxy y model gt-s5360. Use it at your own Risk we will not be held responsible for what ever happens to your device. The information provided here is only for instructional and educational purpose.

Installation Instruction:

  • First of all back up your system and charge battery full.
  • Download the Rom file sense and cwm file and place in the root directory of your phone's sd card and turn your phone off.
  • Go to Recovery mode by pressing vol up+home+Power button together once you enter recovery mode touch screen become function-less so use volume up and down to move up and down, home button for selection and power as back button.
  • In recovery mode select "apply update from sdcard" and navigate to the root directory of sd card and select cwm file "" this will take you to clockworkMod Recovery.
  • Now select "install zip from sd" and then choose zip from sdcard" From the directory select the Rom file "sense" and select yes.
  • Let the process to be completed it may take few minutes after competition of flashing reboot your phone.
  • First boot may take longer then normal boot so keep passions.


Need for speed most wanted has been updated with new cars and events

What's in this version:
• Start trouble in the new Marussia B2 and the Pagani Zonda R
• Test-drive your fresh wheels in 2 new Hot Rides Events
• Race NFS Edition cars like the Hummer H1 Alpha! Get ‘em fast – each car is available for ONE week only
• Collect as many new rides as you can to unlock brand-new milestones
We’ve also made some under-the-hood upgrades to keep your game finely tuned and running smooth. Like this update? Tell us and we’ll keep you racing in high gear!

Requires Android:2.3 and Up

Download Links: (Armv7 Only)
APK File:
Need For Speed Most wanted APK 1.0.46 

Need For Speed Most wanted APK 1.0.46 

Data Files:
This Data files are only for TEGRA 2,3 and Mali GPUs, if you have a Adreno,Powervr GPUs then download data directly from game or you can request for your Suitable GPU data.

Data Files:(Tegra 2 & 3, Mali)
Need For Speed Most Wanted Data Part1
Need For Speed Most Wanted Data Part2
Need For Speed Most Wanted Data Part3

Data Files(Mali,Tegra,Powervr,Adreno) Supplied by Chivo2030 

Install APK and place data folder in SDCard/Android/data/ and play.
you can also download data directly from game through wifi or 3G.

Instructions to keep your save game in latest version:
Dont uninstall older version and Install New(1.0.46) APK it will ask you to replace it,select yes and install. now remove older data files from Android/data/ and place new data files,its done.